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Breaking Bad Habits - Build New Priorities - Part I

I imagine that bad habits and bad alternatives are what brought me to this point-day after year and day after I hit rock bottom. That's often the way it's and was until July 20th, 1979.

Learning how to free myself from self improvement starts with the recognition that people cause our personal emotions. I am the major cause of my very own problems. The moment I grasp that simple fact, I am able to step to the procedure for self-change that will result in freedom from the habits that keep me from living a more satisfying life. And when I'm free from my bad habits, the people around me is going to be free from the person I was once.

Everyone can lead to superficial changes in themselves. But releasing your self from the habit like smoking or as in my own situation, drinking, requires a strong, long-lasting change. A bad habit is like an iceberg. If you approach it as if it were only as big as what you can see at first glance you can not beat the habit.

Franz Kafka said, 'a book must be the guitar to the frozen sea within us.' Any book or system that aims to assist people break bad habits must expose the whole iceberg that lies below the surface.

You can not eliminate everything in a single day, but you can eliminate the breaking bad habits ahead of you thought possible, if you take a step by step approach. It is going to just take work on your part.

I had to get the difficult way then and despite 29 years of being sober today, I still there and then possess the feeling of being stuck. No advance since 30 years? No, not at all but with my wrong attitude towards my inner self, being the king of the world,which I´m not I always have to reckon with that stupid and wrong behavior.Being an addict means to be such a lifetime long and the only real opportunity I've to put that in to my mind and mind as a sheer and unbeatable fact.

You can't drink or eat anything you want and keep sober or loose weight, no matter how often you hear it on the talk shows. But you can reduce weight, and you can learn to enjoy healthier foods over the harmful foods you're eating today. And exactly the same this really is good for alcoholic drinks.You can not drink alcohol but you can drink all of those other sweet and sweetened beverages without alcohol, don't you?

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Being drunk and hooked on alcohol was a created a verbal cage for myself. My description of the situation seemed to give no choice; to me I avoided having to take responsibility for me personally. To get the benefits that come with a bed, warm showers, clear clothes, daily meals, medical attention, companionship, and as much help as a social worker can provide me,the ticket to freedom. I had to bust out of the cage.

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